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Infrared Spatial Interferometer Array



System Overview
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Financial Support
Charles H. Townes principal investigator; interferometry; heterodyne detection systems; everything physical
Ed Wishnow co-principal investigator; astronomical instrumentation, infrared spectroscopy, interferometry
Laura Crockett administrative (grant) specialist
Walter Fitelson electrical engineering; RF correlators and delay lines; everything analog
Sean Lockwood assistant specialist; ISI operations
Darryl Michaud night assistant
William Mallard systems engineer; wideband digital correlator
Jeff Cobb systems administration
Bill Danchi scientific collaborator
Terry MacDonald machinist
Phil Reichl network and real-time computer consultant
David Hale principal telescope operator/consultant
Former Associates:
Vikram Ravi junior specialist
Hemma Mistry junior specialist
Vicki Toy URAP student
Ken Reichl junior specialist
Kelvin Konevsky summer student
Nishanth Ranga Reddy P. summer student
Saroj Kumar Mahalik summer student
Ken Tatebe graduate student
Jon Weiner graduate student
John Monnier graduate student
Everett Lipman graduate student
Peter Tuthill post-doc
Manfred Bester post-doc/staff
Ed Sutton graduate student
Bernie Walp telescope operator
Ashley Chandler jr. specialist
Jason Chu summer student
Cristina Star Ryan jr. specialist
Roger Griffith summer student
J. Remy summer student
Josh Shapiro summer student
Sean Hoss summer student
Nick Short summer student
Eylene Pirez summer student