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Photo Gallery
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Early morning light on the ISI 10m baseline

Meteor over an ISI telescope

Sunrise on the ISI Flat Mirror Siderostat

Parabola Mirror Removal - I.

Parabola Mirror Removal - II.

Parabola Mirror Removal - III.

Mirror Handling Facilities at the 108-inch Aluminizing Lab

Removing the old aluminnum coating

A final inspection before entering the aluminizing chamber.

The 108-inch aluminizing tank and diffusion pump

Firing the aluminum-charged tungsten filaments

A fresh coating

Telescope3 leaves SSL High Bay where it was constructed

Tel3 winds its way up the Mt. Wilson Road

Tel3 arrives Mt. Wilson Observatory, solar telescope in background

A rare photo opportunity in front of an ISI siderostat

ISI on 32m baseline

ISI on 4m/8m/12m E-W baseline for initial Closure Phase tests

Optical table of one telescope

Master Local Oscillator optical table